Our Story

After working in the production industry and location services for over two decades, we realized that a lot of our time, money and energy were wasted on processes, going back and forth between a lot of stakeholders and unnecessary paperwork.

That’s why we created Flickset, a one-stop platform that transformed a tedious, lengthy, costly, manual process to an efficient automated one.
We cater to producer requirements and match them head on. You can trust we know the industry and that is why we can offer what producers need as well as respect host spaces.

We are a transparent, standardized platform that offers the most diverse location spaces for filming supported by various production services to facilitate photo and video shoots.

Our Team

Our team is a group of dynamic producers and developers with a passion for sets and stories.

Rolly Dib


A producer and entrepreneur with 20 years of experience in the industry, harnessing a wide range of projects in her portfolio. In 2009, she founded and headed Olive Tree productions, one of the leading companies in branded content in the Middle East. Her extensive managerial and production expertise make her perfect to head Flickset.

Alia Samman

Operations Manager

A producer with seven years of experience across various markets- Beirut, Dubai and New York. Her skills of organization and creativity allow her to excel at operations management and training with a deep understanding of the local industry and market. She manages the operation with a hands-on approach.

Ali Koubeissi

Lead Developer

A developer with over 10 years experience who has worked in both the corporate and startup world. His knowledge of the user experience journey allows him to develop and cater to a variety of needs.

Cyril Bassil

Locations Manager

A storyteller with a background in filmmaking, he handles location recruitment, contacts on the ground and bringing stories alive in spaces.