Why host? Make extra money hassle free and allow your location to be featured in the next film, series or music video. What is a scout? A scout is when the producer and their team come to visit your space to see if its the right fit for their shoot. The producer may scout your location alone first, then bring in the director and the technical team to discuss and finalize shoot details another time. Don’t worry our Flickset coordinator will always be there to support you too. What is a shoot? A shoot is the actual production, it’s when the producer brings the whole team, cast and crew to film at your location. What if I don’t know the exact date of the shoot? You can always select the flexible timing option if you are unsure about the exact shoot dates. That gives the host a ranges of dates and then when the host agrees to the request you can always update the information when the shoot is confirmed and scheduled. What is the difference between a flexible and confirmed shoot date? The confirmed shoot date indicates shoot dates that can’t be moved or changed as they are finalized and blocked while the flexible is chosen when the shoot dates aren’t set yet. The producer may give a range of dates to be agreed upon with the host. What does it mean to modify a request? If you receive a request where the shoot dates are suitable but the scouting dates aren’t, you can choose to modify the request instead of declining it. That way you can recommend new times and reach an agreement with the producer that suits you both. What if we can’t agree on a time to scout? You can always choose to contact Flickset to help schedule your scout. We are here to support you every step of the way. What do I do if I have a change of scout or shoot dates? Producers, you can edit the booking details in My Booking section and send the host a request to modify with your alternate times. If he accepts it, you are set to go. If he declines it, you can then message him directly or go through the Flickset coordinator to re-book. Once the new date is scheduled, you will need to update your booking details on your profile. How do you protect my personal information? Your profile will only show your first name. Your phone number and address will only be shared with the host or producer once the booking is confirmed. Your information will never be shared and isn’t for public access. Do we have to keep all our furniture for the shoot? Hosts decide! You can ask the producer and his team to wrap everything you don’t want used for filming. After the shoot, the crew will return everything to its original place. We advise that very expensive pieces be put away in a safe space that no one will access and the production will respect this restriction. What are the payment methods and terms? Once the booking is confirmed, half the payment is blocked from the producer’s account to guarantee payment. After the shoot is completed, the full amount will be withdrawn from the producer to Flickset and then the host will be paid within 72 hours via OMT or Bank Transfer. Please note that the Host OMT and Bank Transfer details will only be accessible by Flickset administration and never shared. What about overtime? The daily rate will cover 12 hours of shoot; anything above that will be considered overtime and will be charged 10% of daily shoot rate per hour billed in total amount to be paid by the producer. How are the properties cleaned? Property owners can choose to have their spaces cleaned via Flickset cleaning service or their own cleaning service paid for by production. Alternatively, the production team may take care of cleaning. What is the insurance policy? Flickset's offered insurance the property up to 10,000 USD per claim per accident. The policy is a third party liability from accidental damage and/or bodily injury to third parties. We manage claims by comparing pre and post photos of the space and furniture. Before the producer and their team arrive, the Flickset location coordinator will take detailed images of the space and will compare those to the state of the place directly after the shoot is over. We will tour with the host and that way can file a claim directly on the spot if there is any damage. What if I (the host) have a conflicting booking on airbnb? How long until the producer confirms the shoot date We recommend you remove your instant booking if your place is also listed on airbnb so you can stay in control and approve all bookings. Producers have to show a strong interest or cancel the reservation directly after visiting the location. What guarantees your payment? Flickset guarantees payment through a transparent process for all parties involved. Nothing moves forward after a booking is confirmed unless we successfully block the amount from production. All parties are notified via an official email every step of the booking process so everyone is aware of what is happening. The Host is paid after the shoot from the blocked amount through secure and confidential transfers. The terms and agreements that both parties have to accept before proceeding are considered legally binding.

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