Here is how Flickset works:

Flickset is an online platform that allows people to host their diverse spaces for producers to book as filming locations.

For Hosts You can list your property, set your prices, approve bookings and make extra money in a simple easy to use transparent system. Your payment is always guaranteed and your place is always insured against any damage. We have standardized the procedures to offer you ease of mind and provide you with dedicated support to help you with anything you may need. Just get online, fill out your profile, answer the required questions about your location, upload photos and you are ready to go.

Follow these simple steps:
  1. Fill out your profile
  2. List your property and upload photos
  3. Choose your prices; we are happy to help guide you find a suitable price
  4. Receive scouting requests, you have the option to accept, modify or decline it
  5. If accepted, set up a time for producers to visit your location before booking: this is important as it allows them to experience your space before booking
  6. Receive booking request, you have the option to accept, modify or decline it
  7. If accepted, shoot date is confirmed and your payment is blocked in our system as a guarantee
  8. Shooting takes place
  9. You get paid within 72 hours after the shoot ends, including when overtime is calculated
  10. In case of cancellation or postponement of shoot within 24 hours of the shoot date, it is up to you to decide if your policy is fexible (no fee) or strict (25% fee)

For Producers You can search via filters, contact the hosts for availabilities, book a scout and confirm the shoot.

Flickset ensures everything runs smoothly by supporting the process with trained coordinators that assist you with communication with the host and facilitate your process during the scout and shooting phases.

Flickset also offers you additional location protection management and cleaning services that can be added to the package as well as mandatory third-party liability insurance as a security in case of incidents. By making the whole process transparent, you have no hidden fees nor extra worries. You can focus on bringing your stories to life within our unique diverse location pool because we take care of the rest.