For Hosts

  1. Please treat the producer as a partner
  2. Be flexible! But also set your boundaries and make them clear from the beginning
  3. Integrity is key, don’t back out or be untrue to your word
  4. Understand that backing out mid-project is very costly and problematic for producers and that may lead you to lose clients directly
  5. Express all your concerns beforehand so they will be taken into consideration
  6. You are never alone; we are here to support you every step of the way
  7. Choose wisely, you have the power to decline bookings
  8. Be generous! If you want to book frequently then offer discounts and price fair

For Producers

  1. Please treat the spaces with utmost respect
  2. Do not handle or move furniture except with the utmost care and under the supervision of the Flickset coordinator
  3. Use appropriate measures to protect the space walls, oors and any delicate surfaces. You can book for this service through Flickset or follow our protection standards HERE
  4. Remove valuable items and do not use any of the Host’s personals
  5. Respect the neighbors: that means noise control especially late at night
  6. Leave the property clean and arrange everything as it was before
  7. You are responsible for all of your team, make sure they are all briefed properly on standards of conduct

At Flickset, we believe in harnessing a like-minded community that is built on cooperation, collaboration and respect. We expect our values to be reflected in our platform as well as our partners. We stand for:

  • Trustworthiness: You trust us and we trust you! That means that we offer you complete transparency, guaranteed payment and our full expertise. We also respect your space and take care of it like it was our own. We encourage the hosts and producers both to build a special relationship that is supportive and understanding. We encourage hosts please be flexible and producers please make sure that everyone acts professionally with respect on set.
  • Diversity: Every place, even the most unexpected can be an engaging filming location and we go out of our way to scout the improbabilities for you.
  • Easy of use: We offer you one simple user-friendly automated platform that connects, services and allows you to manage everything from one place.
  • Practicality: We want to save you time and money, which we know are very valuable in the business.
  • Protability: Our offering tackles a range of prices for producers and secures extra income for hosts so everybody wins.
  • Specialization: We only scout for production and filming locations which keeps us focused on your needs.
  • Transparency: You have access to everything every step of the way. There are never any hidden fees. We share with you all the information and expect you to do the same: be honest and provide the correct information on the location, your details and the project.
  • Standardization: We created this system to elevate both the host and producer experience.
  • Commitment: You can rely on us to make this experience worthwhile and stress free. We are very responsive and dedicated.
  • Safety: We stand strongly against threatening or harming people, creating hazardous situations or scenes, theft, vandalism or extortion. You will be directly banned from any business with Flickset.